Levi's Olot
C. Sant Rafel, 17800 OLOT
Reform of a church as a Levi's Store


God bless you. Our new commission is an old private church, not used for worship, which has to be adapted to become a clothes shop. It is an imposing celestial building that has to be treated with respect of a temporary visitor who does not stay in it.

The proposal is nurtured through observation of the pre-existing formal and symbolic language in order to come up with new elements, necessary for the new use. And this is how the semicircular apse and the slightly raised presbytery indicate us the place and the form of how to go to the heart and to move closer to the sky; and this is how the historic symbol of the brand occupies the place reserved for the representation of God. In the same sense, the horizontal plane, created by the reinforcement structure and the lighting system, separates the earthly shop from the celestial temple.

And while Our Lord is stroking his beard thinking of the ferocious rivalry that he now finds below himself, a devoted consumer raises his head and his eye itches. God be with you.


Project carried out jointly with Josep Terricabras, Architect

Photos: Marc