Removable trolley for hawking hamburgers


Globetrotter: m. and f. [LC] that person from town to town, takes in different countries, earning a living by selling, capturing. Led a vagabond life during his youth.

Conceive a device for the preparation of hamburgers and hawking with some mobility but above all, foldable and easily transportable in a van-sized.

The tramp reflects on the concept of “building announcement” Scott Brown and Ventury with the functionality of a machine and own symbolism necessary for its commercial function: object visibility and brand forms related product. However, it does so with subtlety at the present time.

The car is made of poplar plywood 3cm, weatherproof (class 3). The formal key element used in the design is the circle (wheel), either as raised floor. To facilitate and economize their construction all the pieces of tramp are flat and curved shapes are resolved solely on the cut of the garment.