Estand per a construmat 2017


Vitrocsa is purity, it is landscape, it is absence. Vitrocsa is a system of external aluminum and glass enclosures that, through an advanced and innovative technology developed by the same company in Switzerland, manages to maximize, like no other system, the ratio of transparency to that of profile.

Our stand proposal does not intend to highlight the product, because this would contradict its nature. In this sense, we propose a meeting space for visitors on a terrace open to the landscape of our region, La Garrotxa. Two motorized sliding leaves Vitrocsa give us the subtle welcome to this space of relaxation and discovery in which we can understand the true greatness of this product: its absence. From the corridors of the pavilion we can see a window open to our landscape, with a space of comfort on the other side of the slight reflection of a glass.

An environment of material simplicity and a certain formal complexity solves the functional and conceptual requirements of our stand; Made from traditional profiles of rolled steel for windows, this project reflects on the industrial origin of the external metallic enclosures showing their evolution until they reach their absence: Vitrocsa.

Photos: Marc