C. Joaquim Vayreda, 17800 Olot
Remodelling and extension project for a ground flat


Remodelling an old ground floor flat with the request, almost impossible to fulfil, to increase its surface, becomes a perfect excuse for us to propose both a horizontal and a vertical redistribution of the place.

Considering the difference of height that existed between the interior surface and its prolonged back garden and having quite a big free fall, we decided to lower the level of one part of the floor in order to insert an intermediate platform. At the same time, this intervention connects one part of the house with the level of the garden and lifts the other one over the inside and the outside domestic landscape.

In order to connect the three levels that we obtained, we put a concrete carpet touching the cut that we stretch in order to link all the spaces in the house: from the kitchen to the garden passing by the lower level of rooms and the dining-room. And to access the upper level that we have built, we lift the carpet.


Photos: Marc