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Rocking chair


That day we had to convince him he had to charge something: “Just a little, Joan, people who work earns at least a little. You must not sign papers without getting any money!” (laughs). And then he won me over, as he always acted in good faith… I remember a day he got home really happy. He had done some work and was given a rocking chair for it. Then, you can imagine Pepa with yet another rocking chair. “But Joan, you’ve got three of them!” (laughs).

Pepa Llopis talking about her husband, the poet Joan Brossa. Extracted from TVC program “Joan Brossa”.


ARC is a rocking chair made of birch wood and 14 screws. Designed for an active break, its operating is based on 3 key concepts: firmness, ergonomics and swinging balance. This rocking chair design has been made from 4 intersecting arcs between 4 different circles. With simplicity in materials and gestural harmony, ARC commits itself to a calm and reflective life, as a stop on the way…


Use: This rocker is designed for an attitude of active rest: reading, talking, breastfeeding, reflect… are actions calm and reflective, yet active. With this aim we have calculated the key factors for use: ergonomics and stiffness, center of gravity and radius of the arc lower swinging, presence of armrests, absence of headrests.

Material: birch phenolic plywood 3 cm thick. Available in 3 matt lacquered colors and in natural birch. For the type of screws used and the characteristics of the panel glued (phenolic class 3) ARC is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environment.

Manufacturing: The manufacturer of this rocker is ANOU, the result of the union of “Mobles Joan Prat” from Joanetes, a family business established in 1940 and backed by a 3 generations history, and “Arnau Estudi d’Arquitectura” from Olot , a young studio full of desire to move forward the good architecture.

Through the use of digital control technology applied to the wood of “Mobles Joan Prat” we can produce ARC with very high standards of precision and quality.

Environment: ARC is made of birch wood in 98.5% (1,5% remaining corresponds to the screws). The birch panel used in its manufacture is made according to the the ISO 14001 environmental management system criteria. Both varnish and lacquer are made on the basis of H2O, so we can reduce by 90% the use of solvents in their application. Any type of glue is used in the assembly process.

Dimensions: 101 x 54 x 86 (h) cm – weight: 13 kg.

Mounting: Mounting 100% by dry with 2 pins for lath and 14 screws uniformly distributed on the sides of the rocker.

Transportation: ARC is delivered unassembled in a single volume, 101x101x11 cm and weight 14 kg.



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