Joan Prat Descans
C. Antoni Llopis, 14 – Olot
renovation of a relaxation concept shop


How do you design a bed shop? Beds are very big, much bigger than shoes, watches or sun glasses! However, this product is bound to be dominating our space. Just like Charles the Great, who wanted rocks, trees and birds to be his army, we want beds, pillows and household linens to be the matter out which we create our work!

This is how we got our main strategy to deal with the project: we assumed the necessary and inevitable prominence of the exhibited product. This is how we limited ourselves just to constructing a surrounding forest out of poplar plywood boards. We use this material as a solution for the ceiling, the walls, the heads of beds and for vertical shelving, which becomes a precise stitch in the brightly-coloured seasonal patchwork.

In order to light up this space we have used a system of guideways and LED-spotlights with reduced angle. This system allows us to single out certain points with respect to others and helps us to play with contrasts and distinct shadows. It is the light of the undergrowth for a product of the night, of the dream and of the nap in poplar trees.


Photos: Marc Torra_fragments.cat